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Rollover Glossary

Explore Theatre

sparks student interest in live performance through a digital learning environment designed to encourage critical and constructive thinking about theatre.

Engage, Captivate, Explore

This video-rich, online resource supports multiple teaching strategies to significantly enhance Introductory Theatre courses in a large lecture, small discussion, distance, Web-based, or seminar-style class. By building upon students’ experiences as digital audience members, Explore Theatre fosters a greater understanding of the relationships between text, actor, and audience while making connections to live theatre and its history.

The interactive site design reflects how students experience content online today, motivating them to study theatre through videos, hyperlinks, and animations. The media and text work together to engage students in the process of theatre, featuring interviews with playwrights, directors, producers, designers, and actors. Students will also have access to scenes from rehearsals, backstage, and performance videos of Two Character Play, a play commissioned and performed exclusively for this text.

Enhanced Learning Support

Interactive animations require students to engage with the content illustrating core concepts.

Learning Objectives and a media-rich Introduction to each chapter better prepare students for the material ahead.

Roll-over glossary definitions provide extra assistance for students along the way, and key terms for each chapter help students study and prepare for class.

Practice Tests, Learning Objectives, and Key Concepts help students test their mastery of any given subject area and review the material.

Instructor Resources

Essay Questions, Discussion Questions and Activities accompanying each chapter provide instructors with sample assignments for class and suggestions for online work related directly to core chapter concepts.

The Instructors Manual, prepared by the authors, offers Learning Objectives, Chapter Overviews, Chapter Lecture Outlines, Discussion/Journal Questions, and Chapter Activities and Assignments to help teachers structure their course and engage students.

MyTest Computerized Test Bank provides a flexible, online, test-generating software that allows instructors to create their own personalized exams, edit any or all of the existing test questions, and add new questions. Other special features of this program include random generation of test questions, creation of alternate versions of the same test, scrambling of question sequence, and test preview before printing. This feature is available at www.pearsonmytest.com; an access code is required.

Ordering Information

Ordering Options and Choices for Your Students

Students can choose the format that fits their individual learning style and budget by accessing the video-rich Explore Theatre website—or opting to use a combination of text and digital content.

Online Options: Students that choose to use the digital version of Explore Theatre can purchase access online or in the bookstore:

  • Explore Theatre online purchase (via the Web) – click here, $35 net
  • Explore Theatre access code card (bookstore) – ISBN: 0205028721, $35 net

Print and Online Option: Students interested in having a printed copy of the digital text, Explore Theatre, can purchase the following:

  • Explore Theatre access code card + Guide Book – ISBN: 0205179053, $45 net
  • Guide Book for Explore Theatre – ISBN: 0205115829, $20 net

* prices may vary online and in bookstores